The majority of Heatpump Company’s require an annual service, how ever it also depends on your usage.

We have come across varies installations where the system was not sized/ designed correctly from the start, which means that the HP runs excessive amount of hours without switching off.

Normally you do not want to exceed 10 hours running time on your compressor continuously. With this in mind, the unit needs to be serviced more than once a year.

Once a Client is on our records, we automatically forward e-mail reminders notifying annual service dates.

Basic Service

A Basic service includes descaling the heat-exchanger (This is normally where most of the problems start); cleaning of the evaporator; filters; non-return valves. Some of the old Kwikot units had cast-iron circulation pumps. This needs to be stripped and cleaned. All of this can take about 1,5 – 2,0 hours depending where the unit is situated.
General rule of thumb – anything within 25km radius of the coast line, the unit needs to be “Blue-chem”. Blue-Chem is a anti-corrosion treatment which the entire unit is treated with.